Girls love Google, Boys love BBC, why Richard Branson may have had an imaginary friend and a new face for Android. What VisualDNA learned when we profiled Mindshare’s Huddle #mshuddle

Above: The VisualDNA team (in lab coats) at Mindshare Huddle

Last week myself and two other members of the media team, Ed Weatherall & Kristen Anderson, attended Mindshare’s annual Huddle. I’d not been before and wasn’t sure what to expect from an ‘unconference’. Intended as a departure from the dry presentations you tend to get at regular conferences, we came up with the idea of creating a psychologists’ office where we’d psychoanalyze people using one of our quizzes.

VisualDNA’s two main quizzes, ‘Personality Test’ and ‘Who Am I’, ask a series of questions to assess a person’s personality type and lifestyle preferences. The quiz user gets personalised feedback, while we use the data to put that person into anonymised segments -so we can deliver highly-targeted advertising to them (and people that ‘look’ like them, through inference). Because we capture data through quizzes, we collect not only standard demographics, but lifestyle and psychographic data as well – which is really useful in brand campaigns.

Ahead of Huddle, we created a custom quiz, which uses just 12 questions to put people into one of four emotive segments based on their degrees of extraversion and openness: defined by the combination of images each respondent selects whilst doing the quiz. We then worked out roughly how each personality type would convert into a ‘media type’ – so we could profile Mindshare’s Huddle as we went and capture & visualize the results in real time on the TV (below).

Despite being a pretty quick and rough analysis based on little data, most people were surprised by the accuracy of the results and our team was mobbed all day with hundreds of people taking quizzes.

Another key element of the technology is that we can add additional questions and cross reference responses – so for a bit of fun we added some extra questions into the quiz to see what would come up:

  • Which of these people do you most associate yourself with?
  • Which media company do you value the most?
  • Apple or Android?

Our team did a quick analysis of the results and here are some of the findings (view infographic here):

  • People who associate themselves with Simon Cowell are more likely to be female – gender split is 75% female, 25% male. Ditto Alan Sugar: gender split there is 67% females and 33% males. It goes the other way around too: those who picked Margaret Thatcher were more likely to be male with a gender split of 71% males, 29% females.
  • Younger folk associate themselves more with politics than showbiz. Looking at the most popular age groups for each personality: 50% of people who chose Simon Cowell, and 38% who chose Victoria Beckham were 25 to 29. Oprah’s biggest age group was 30-34 with 33% of people in that category, but most (33%) of those choosing Angela Merkel were 21-24.
  • Just 5% of people who picked Steve Jobs say that they had an imaginary friend as a child. On the other hand, 30% of people who picked Richard Branson say that they had one.
  • When asked what people will treat themselves to next, 40% of Simon Cowell fans said clothes, 45% of Oprah fans said a holiday in the sun. Alan Sugar? A humble pair of trainers – at 29%.
  • The BBC is the most valued media company by far amongst males with 31% of the male vote. Google are in second with 20% and Facebook third with 13%. Google is more valued by females, however, with 34% of the vote-pushing auntie into second with 21%. Facebook are third with 12%.
  • Apple seems to appeal more to slightly younger people. Most people choosing Apple were aged 25-29, while most people choosing Android were 30-34. Top age groups: Apple: 25-29 (32%), 21-24 (23%), 30-34 (23%). Android: 30-34 (28%), 21-24 (23%), 25-29 (21%).
  • The strongest celebrity/ brand association is between Victoria Beckham and Apple, with 18% of people choosing both images. And Android? If things don’t work out at Yahoo! perhaps Marissa Mayer could pop back to Google – with 14% of people selecting her and Android.

So what media type are you? Click on the image below to find out!


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