eTail Europe 2014 – will you be there?


This year we are sending our very own Edward Weatherall over to the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London to attend eTail Europe. Are you attending?

eTail Europe is a conference focusing on customers, multi-platform understanding and supporting retail industry growth.

Ed will pose and discuss a variety of significantly telling questions throughout the session, including; Why do we call people who walk into stores ‘customers’ and people who shop online ‘users?’ The session will also focus on how VisualDNA is leveraging 30 years of combined Psychology, customer behaviour and big data to change the perceptions that retailers have of their online customers – moving away from clicks, visits and basket values to personality traits and behaviours.

Ed will educate attendees on how people respond better to situations and proposals that match their personality, posing the idea that if we want to personalise and communicate effectively with people we need to know who they are and engage with them at a personal level. The presentation will address how retailers can combine certain personality traits and big data to equal better understanding, increased conversion rates and richer customer experiences.

So, if you are an eCommerce or Multi-Channel Retail executive attending eTail Europe this year with education and customer experience in mind then don’t forget to register to attend Ed’s presentation.

You can also tweet us on the day @VisualDNA @EdWeatherall 

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