Why WHYAnalytics? The road to Real Time Understanding

Understanding and being understood are profoundly important. They are what make us human, and dictate how we relate to each other as people. Yet while the value of better understanding to both businesses and people is clear, genuine emotional understanding is hard to find in today’s digital world.

This isn’t an easy problem to overcome. The human operating system is, after all, profoundly complex and our behaviour can appear to be irrational and unpredictable to those who don’t know us. And while Big Data can create ‘insight’ on the what, where and when of any website’s audience by analysing its traffic, the very things that actually make people human go unnoticed. I might have bought that book, clicked that link, or shared that photo but no amount of behavioural data can tell you why I did something, predict what I’m going to do next, or tell you who I am on the inside.

So we asked a big question at VisualDNA – what if we could capture a person’s true best online casino emotional persona digitally and make that information useful and valuable for both businesses and the people they serve, and in real time? Imagine a world where any business, large and small could get a real time view of their customers – why they do they things they do. Imagine a world where Real Time Understanding was possible?

We believe we are moving closer to answering that question. Our personality quizzes can uniquely capture a person’s emotions, and people love doing them. We can use this data to understand people on an emotional level: not just making assumption from basic demographics, but using human answers to human question to build a rich picture of who someone is, and why they do the things they do. And from today, we can make some of that information available for businesses in the form of WHYAnalytics, the first of what will be a portfolio of products centred on understanding the ‘why’ of any given audience.

WHYAnalytics is a powerful tool capable of capturing a website’s audience and understanding them in real time, and it will be available to publishers for free. The proposition is simple. If Google Analytics tells you ‘what’ is visiting your site, we’ll tell you ‘why’: it’s the means to the emotional and personality characteristics of your site’s visitors in real time and why they are there.

Why not join our beta programme from today? Find out more at why.visualdna.com